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At COMPASSO, we are committed to promoting sustainable tourism in Portugal by designing tailor-made programs that showcase the very best our country has to offer, especially for groups and events.

We work mostly B2B and it is our aim to provide our partners with innovative and sustainable solutions, taking care of each project with passion, efficiency and creativity, while protecting and preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Portugal.

We strive to find the right options for each group, ensuring that our sustainable practices have a positive impact in the environment and the communities we are involved with, considering the economic and social pillars as well.

We embraced the challenge of setting a higher standard for sustainable tourism in Portugal and we believe that, by working together both with clients and suppliers, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

We care for every detail, to reach all client's expectations.
A dedicated team of professionals working with joy, always with a smile!

The Team

Experienced. Reliable. Friendly. Dynamic.

Paula Antunes
Managing Director
 (+351) 214 812 157
Isabel Castanho
Groups Manager
 (+351) 214 812 152
Isabel Lopes
Groups Manager
 (+351) 214 812 153
Rute Miranda
Accounting Manager
 (+351) 214 812 154
Ines Francisco
Sales & Sustainability Manager
 (+351) 214 812 155
Raquel Novo
Groups & Events Director
 (+351) 214 812 156
Natasha Nunes
Senior Project Manager
 (+351) 214 812 151


(+351) 214 812 150

Av. Engº A. Amaro da Costa
nº728, R/C - E
2750-277 Cascais

NIF 503960659


APAVT Turismo de Lisboa Turismo de Cascais MPI | Iberian Chapter

Alvará 908/1997
RNAVT 2233

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